Table / Salted Butter

Product Detail

Full Name Butter
Description Made of pure milk FAT
Packing 100 g and 500 g

Product Specifications

Composition Milk FAT, Min. : 80%
Moisture, Max. : 16%
Salt, Max. : 3%
Curd, Max. : 1%
Nutritional Information*
Energy, kcal722
Energy from Fat, kcal720
Total Fat, g80
Saturated fat, g51
Cholesterol, mg180
Sodium, mg836
Total Carbohydrate, g0
Sugar, g0
Protein, g0.5
Vitamin A, mcg65
Shelf Life Best before 03 months from packaging when stored Refrigerated at 4°C or below
Storage condition At 4°C or below

Product Application

Spread : On Bread, Parantha, Roti, Nans, Sandwitches.
Topping : Pav Bhaji, Dals, Soups, Salads, Dal, Rice.
Ingredient : Biscuits, Cakes, Breads.
Cooking Medium : Butter Paneer Masala, Butter Corn Masala and thousands of delightful recipes.

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