India is the largest producer of milk accounting for nearly 18.5% of total milk production in the world. India has a population of more than 1 billion people with diverse food habits, cultures, traditions and religions.

Dwellers of plain terrain have a tradition of milk production and consumption induced in their daily life whereas those from forest and hilly regions have almost no dairying. Milk production is controlled majorly in rural belt. UP alone contributes the 18% of total Milk production in India. Conventionally, Indian households consume about 60% of milk in the liquid form and the remaining is consumed in the form of butter, desi ghee, cheese, curd, paneer, ice cream, dairy whiteners and traditional sweets.

Mr Atul Mehra, a first generation, far-sighted entrepreneur, saw a tremendous scope in dairy processing and started exploring opportunities to enter the dairy processing industry. Tasty Dairy was incorporated in 1992 as a private limited company. The company handled manufacturing of milk and milk-based products, starting with 200 litres of liquid milk per day. Today we have processing facility of about 3.5 lakh litres of milk per day, giving direct and indirect employment to people in and around Kanpur.

Tasty Dairy has state of art ISO 22000:2018 certified milk processing unit in Jainpur, Kanpur Dehat where we produce a wide range of quality dairy products like Pasteurized Liquid Milk, Cream, Butter (White/Salted), Pure Desi Ghee (Clarified Butter), Paneer (Cottage Cheese), Skimmed Milk Powder, Instant Chena Mix, Skim Milk Concentrate, Dairy Whitener, Khoya, Peda (Indian Sweet), Instant Gulab Jamun Mix, Mithai Powder etc., packed in various packing from 200 ml to 25 kg and bulk packing under the company owned brand names “UJJWAL”, “SHIKHAR”, “VERIFRESH”, "CIMA" and "MITHAI MASTER"; which are available in all major parts of India.

The idea behind the company was to perceive the opportunities available in the Dairy sector and to handle proficiently the abundant availability of quality raw material i.e. milk in and around Kanpur. Our focus on maintaining quality and increasing productivity has won company awards such as MSME National Award, Business Leadership Award, Recognition among Top 50 leading SMEs of India, Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award (Commendation Certificate), 2007, National Productivity Award (Certificate of Merit), DIC 4 Star Category Award, Udyog Patra Award, CSR Leadership Award, Leaders of Tomorrow Award etc.


To promote an abundance of health and wealth in our country and contribute towards its development.

To endeavour and be a part of the process to make our country the developed, an industrialized, happy and respected nation of the world.


To provide safe, healthy and nutritious food at competitive rates.

To promote the economic well-being of all constituents and associates.

To consistently perform with excellence and set benchmarks in quality, satisfaction, ethics and relationships.


Our goal is to

  • Become the most respected and largest food company in India with a strong brand value and achieve sustainable and dynamic growth in all our markets.
  • Focus on consumers and market orientation, bring innovation & promote profitability by offering a wide range of high-quality premium products.

Our strategy to realize the goals:

  • Anticipate and accommodate the ever-changing consumer expectations.
  • Focus and invest in the development of new products with the aim of delighting & satisfying our customers and achieving superior returns.
  • Care for the environment by using environment-friendly technology.
  • Care for the employees by maintaining a professional attitude, providing constant education and stimulation of innovativeness through the encouragement of open dialogue.
  • Ensure total quality management.
  • Boost operational efficiency and market success by introducing standards, cost rationalization and uniform processes at all levels.
  • Intensive standardization of operations to create and strengthen the brand value, while taking into account the individual market specifics.


Towards Our Customers:

Customers are the primary element of our success – Our priority is to work together to meet consumers’ need- we establish, foresee and fulfil consumer wishes .Commitment to reliability & efficiency.

Towards Our Employees:

Employees are the family of Tasty Dairy Specialities Limited and the key to our success – we provide a professional environment to encourage entrepreneurial spirit, continuous learning, explicit performance, responsibility, teamwork and understanding. Everyone at Tasty Dairy believes, trust and contribute our maximum to common goals of the organisation with spirit of respect.

Towards Our Suppliers:

Our suppliers are the critical component of our success – we believe in strong and long-standing mutually beneficial business relationship based upon strong ethics, respect and cooperation.

Business Ethics: We regard business ethics as the right path to our success – we believe in setting high standards by virtue of positive work ethics and integrity in all our transactions.

Towards Our Environment:

Environment is an important responsibility entailed with our success – We believe quality and care for the environment, and prioritize it in our business and production process. We recognize our responsibility towards the communities with whom we operate and are proactive in dedicating resources to build a better quality of life for them.

With these values as our guide, we strive to make our best efforts better, offer more than we receive. We dare to set our goals and realize them successfully; both individually and as a company.