The Factory

An ISO 22000-2005 & Certified by Export Council of India.

Environmental Protection:

The Green Belt

We maintain a green area of approximately 86000 square meters inside our premises which also add to the beauty and charm of the premises.

Prevention of Water Pollution

To check water pollution, we have installed a modern Effluent Treatment Plant at our factory which treats the discharged water and then sends it to the industrial drain. The sludge produced after ETP treatment acts as manure for the farmers and is given free to farmers attached to our organisation for cultivation purpose.

Prevention of Air Pollution

To keep air pollution in control, we have ensured that the height of our chimney is more than the norms prescribed by the pollution control department and have installed Dust Collectors and air preheating system.

Prevention of Noise Pollution

For the prevention of noise pollution, we have installed dampening devices like the soundproof canopy on our generators at our factory. Earmuffs or Ear Plugs are used by the employees working in a noisy area.

The Technologies we use

We have adopted environment-friendly and efficient technology since the time of inception. The manufacturing technology being used at our factory is one of the most modern technologies available in the dairy industry.


Since the raw material used at our factory is milk and our finished products are milk based, environmental friendliness of these products can be understood given their organic nature. No hazardous pollution is generated in our factory. For other effluents generated in the process, we have an Effluent Treatment Plant to treat them before draining.


No environmental incidents/accidents have occurred at our factory till date. There is no health risks involved in our processes.